02/11/2014 11:09 am ET Updated Feb 11, 2014

Jon Stewart Rips Sochi's Bathroom Spying And Toxic Tap Water

Much has been made about the shoddy conditions in Sochi, but now that the Olympics are officially underway, Jon Stewart took to his "Daily Show" pulpit to mock the troubled city.

"Team USA won its first gold in the event of bustage," Stewart said. "It was when American bobsledder Johnny Quinn scored in the one-meter door hole that he had to create because he couldn't get out of the poorly constructed bathroom," referring to the infamous tweet Quinn sent after he physically busted through his hotel bathroom door.

Stewart also took aim at the yellow tap water that the Russian government has advised visitors to steer clear of -- despite not disclosing what's actually in the water. And despite some reports describing that it's the "color of beer."

"Sure. Beer. That's what it looks like. And not what beer becomes," Stewart quipped.

But the kicker was the Russian government explaining that they believe they are victimized by journalists, because surveillance footage in hotels shows guests leaving shower taps on all day.

"When you're mounting a defense of your country's Olympic prep, I would leave out the part where you say you have cameras in everyones bathroom," Stewart said.

Check out the full clip above.