02/11/2014 02:45 pm ET Updated Feb 11, 2014

'I'm Rick James, B*tch!' Classic 'Chappelle Show' Sketch Turns 10

It's hard to believe it's been 10 years since Charlie Murphy told one of the funniest stories of all time on "Chappelle's Show," but the classic Rick James "True Hollywood Stories" sketch aired exactly a decade ago today.

Over on Reddit, people have been reminiscing about the groundbreaking Comedy Central show and the role this particular sketch played in Dave Chappelle's sudden withdrawal from fame.

After the show skyrocketed in popularity during Season 2 and "I"m Rick James, B*tch!" became an instant catchphrase, Chappelle struggled with hecklers yelling it at him-- even at Disney World. He talks about it in his 2004 special, "For What It's Worth" (about 25:18 in):

After avoiding the public eye for some time, Chappelle started doing more surprise stand-up sets and even popped up on Twitter in 2012 and had a comeback in 2013 when he headlined Funny Or Die's five-weekend Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival with Flight of the Conchords. Unfortunately, he still had to end one of his performances in Hartford early due to hecklers.

In the hopes that we continue to see more comedy from Chappelle (and that people learn to let him do his thing without interruption) watch Chappelle's hilarious Rick James impression in Charlie Murphy's "True Hollywood Story," which is just as ridiculous as ever, above.

And remember: "Cocaine is one hell of a drug." Be careful.



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