02/11/2014 12:28 pm ET Updated Feb 11, 2014

USA Skier Joss Christensen On 100,000 Condoms In Olympic Village: 'I Haven't Seen One Of Those Yet'

U.S. slopestyle skier Joss Christensen joined HuffPost Live on Tuesday to give a firsthand report on what it's like on the ground in the Sochi Olympic Village, and so far the focus has been on sports rather than romance.

While Christensen's event doesn't begin until later this week, he chatted with Marc Lamont Hill about whether the rumors were true about all that sex in the Village.

"I haven't seen too much around the USA building," Christensen said. "There are definitely some honeys out there. The cafeteria is definitely where you're gonna be spittin' some game."

When asked about the 100,000 condoms reportedly distributed in Sochi, the skier said, "I haven't seen any of those yet."

Get the complete scoop on life in the Olympic Village from Joss Christensen in the clip above.



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