02/11/2014 11:12 am ET Updated Feb 11, 2014

Victoria Beckham Cancels Fashion Show, But We're Suspicious


Is this a test?

News spread Tuesday morning that Victoria Beckham canceled her second show for VICTORIA Victoria Beckham at New York Fashion Week, which was originally scheduled for Monday night. VICTORIA is the moderately priced sister line to her main collection. Her team reports that the show will be rescheduled for next month, as it is not yet ready to be seen.

But Posh! All the editors and buyers are in New York now. Who knows where they will be in a month -- Paris Fashion Week? In recovery from the month of shows and presentations? Wherever they are, chances are high that they will have already picked the collections they want to feature in stores and editorials (or at least have a good idea of their favorites) by the time she shows.

Could Victoria be testing her prowess in the industry? Perhaps she is trying to see if she has the power to maintain relevancy a full four weeks after all the other collections have already been seen. Or maybe it's really just not ready. Either way, we are sad to hear the news, mostly because we would have loved another opportunity to dote on the adorableness that is the Beckham clan.

The woman knows good style:

Victoria Beckham's Style Evolution

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