02/12/2014 04:07 pm ET Updated Feb 19, 2014

Why This Mom Changed Her Baby's Name After 8 Months (VIDEO)

Naming a child is an important decision for expecting parents, and some end up regretting what gets printed on the birth certificate. Blogger Kelcey Kintner joined HuffPost Live to share how she ultimately decided to change her baby's name within the first year.

For their second child, Kintner and her husband initially chose the name Presley.

"We chose a name that, I looked at my baby on the third or fourth day and was like, 'that's weird. That's not her name,'" she explained to host Nancy Redd. "But I was like, 'oh I'll grow into it. I'm sure I'll just get used to it.' And six months later, I bristled every time someone called her by that name. It wasn't their fault, it was what we told them to call her. And I finally said to my husband, 'this is not our baby's name.'"

"And he was like, 'what? What are you talking about?' And then two more months of negotiations and discussing it -- I said, 'her name's Summer, I know her name's Summer.' And we, finally at eight months, changed her name."

Kintner wrote about the experience on her blog, The Mama Bird Diaries. Though many people told her that they liked the name Presley, Kintner was unfazed. "I just knew it wasn't right and I have to tell you, once I changed it, I never had one moment of regret. I just wish I had done it much sooner. So does my poor husband."

Her daughter, now 7, knows about her former name. "Now we have all these retro 'Presley' gifts and it's just part of her life story," Kintner said.

She also had some advice for prospective parents: "If you change your baby's name and you have more kids, you really can't do it again. It's okay to change it once, but then if you change it again, then people are like, 'okay, that's too much.'"

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