02/12/2014 12:41 pm ET Updated Feb 12, 2014

Farrah Abraham Wants Be To A 'Virgin Forever,' Searches For Secret To Time Travel

David Becker via Getty Images

Former "Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham has either figured out the secrets to time travel, or she's unclear on definition of the word "virgin."

The 22-year-old who gave birth to her only daughter four years ago and whose second pornographic video is set to be released this week, told Life & Style magazine she's swearing off sex.

“People use sex for power and manipulation when sex is supposed to be enjoyable and great,” she told the magazine, adding “I don’t feel that. I want to be a virgin forever -- or a nun.”

Perhaps someone should explain to Abraham the definition of virginity because there are some things that just can't be undone.

In fact, Abraham previously revealed she lost her virginity at high school prom, and has even gone into detail about losing her "other virginity" at age 15.

It's not the first time the former MTV reality star has suffered from linguistic confusion. When asked if she considers herself a feminist, Abraham replied, "What does that mean, you're a lesbian or something?"

No, Farrah. No, it doesn't.



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