02/12/2014 01:40 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Janet Mock Discusses Dad's Gender Policing On HuffPost Live

Transgender activist and writer Janet Mock stopped by HuffPost Live today to discuss her new book, "Redefining Realness," as well as her life and experiences as a transgender woman.

Mock has garnered quite a bit of media attention over the past couple of weeks, including a high-profile feud with CNN's Piers Morgan and a follow-up interview with HuffPost Gay Voices Editor-at-Large Michelangelo Signorile.

While on HuffPost Live, Mock opened up about how the actions of her father while growing up acted as a form of gender policing.

"My father was very vocal about his son not acting like a sissy," Mock shared on HuffPost Live. "I talk about how that was one of the first labels I remember about myself is 'sissy' and then how it then numbed me to greater words, sharper words that were thrown against my body. And I think that my father -- that was his way of caring was through gender policing, which then taught me that who I was was wrong and I internalized a lot of that stuff. But luckily, I kind of unpacked that throughout my life."

Check out the clip above and head here to watch the full segment.