02/12/2014 09:57 am ET

Stewart Calls GOP's Immigration Obstruction 'The Greatest Projection In The History Of Psychology'

Despite John Boehner originally agreeing with President Obama that immigration reform should be high on the domestic agenda, it's since become less of a priority. Why? As Jon Stewart said on Tuesday's "Daily Show," "There was one major problem: Republicans."

The GOP has been candid that while they believe immigration reform is important, its members don't want President Obama to get credit for it. Stewart noted that this seemed short sighted. "Apparently you'd rather continue to cater to a group of supporters that, while loyal, will be dead before you can say 'chipotle,'" he joked.

In addition to not wanting Obama or the Democrats to receive credit, Republicans have insisted that the current administration cannot be trusted to enforce immigration laws, even if they do pass. Stewart found this especially disingenuous.

"For the Republican caucus to suggest that they will not entertain immigration reform because they don't trust this president to enforce the laws of the land is perhaps the greatest projection in the history of psychology," Stewart said, before rattling off a list of laws that congressional Republicans have refused to support simply to obstruct the President.

"The GOP saying they don't trust the President's ability to implement the law is like Bob Costas saying, 'I don't wanna borrow your glasses, I don't know where they've been!'"

Check out the full clip above.