02/13/2014 07:00 am ET

Science Answers The Age Old Question, 'Am I Nachos?' (VIDEO)

The question seems simple, "If I weigh 99 pounds, and I eat one pound of nachos, am I 1 percent nacho?" Doesn't sound that complicated, right? But, as SciShow's Hank explains, it actually turns out to be "like, super complicated." First of all, if you weigh 99 pounds and you eat one pound of nachos, please come eat nachos with us, because we are super impressed.

In the answering of this question, we also get to tackle lots of other science and food-related questions that have always plagued us. For example, "What is nachos?" (Their hilariously awkward phrasing, not ours.) While we're always striving to push the limits of question (are nachos made with potato chips still nachos? Are nachos made with tater tots still nachos?), that's pretty much where our expertise on this issue ends, which is why this video is supremely helpful.

The conclusion is that while we may never be able to regulate our personal nacho percentage (or PNP, from now on), by virtue of at some point consuming nacho-atoms (technical term), we will always and forever be at least some tiny percentage nacho. While some of us may have a higher PNP than others (we eat a lot of nachos), the warm, fuzzy bottom line of this video is: we are all nachos. Congratulations to us all.

[via Eater]

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