02/13/2014 12:31 pm ET Updated Feb 13, 2014

Speedskating Crash Helps China's Li Jianrou Win Gold Medal In 500m Short Track (PHOTOS)

Short track speedskater Li Jianrou of China said she felt "very lucky" after winning the gold medal in women's 500 meters on Thursday. That's because as she trailed during the final in opening lap's second turn, three skaters ahead of her all fell and crashed into the boards.

Britain's Elise Christie appeared to skate into Arianna Fontana of Italy during the turn and both collided into the pads. South Korea's Park Seung-hi fell and slid into the padding right after Christie and Fontana, allowing Jianrou to skate right on by and eventually take the gold. Fontana took the silver and Seung-hi won bronze, while Christie was penalized.

Take a look at some photos that led to China's fourth consecutive Olympic title in women's 500 meters.

PHOTOS: Short Track Speedskating Crash