02/13/2014 11:30 am ET Updated Feb 13, 2014

Slovenia's Top Olympic Athlete Tina Maze Is Also A Pop Star With Her Own Music Video

Tina Maze of Slovenia got the world's attention on Wednesday when she tied Dominique Gisin of Switzerland for a gold medal in women's downhill alpine skiing. But while they shared a spot on the podium, Maze does have one awesome leg up on Gisin: She's also a pop star.

At least according to NBC, which touted Maze's local celebrity status on-air leading up to her final run on the downhills. As it turns out, in 2012, Maze recorded a pop song called "My Way Is My Decision," the Taylor Swiftian video for which racked up thousands of views on YouTube upon release.

The hit single became, by Maze's own account, the most-played song in Slovenia. And now Maze has an Olympic gold medal to add to her accomplishments. We have a feeling that new hardware will feature prominently in her next video.

Watch the video (again and again and again...) above. Well played, Slovenia.



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