02/13/2014 03:21 pm ET Updated Feb 13, 2014

Sorry, But Even Your Favorite Actors Have Starred In The Worst Movies Ever

Even great actors have embarrassing movies on their resumes. Colin Farrell, Russell Crowe and Eva Marie Saint are among some of the latest performers to add a bust to their respective careers with the abysmal "Winter's Tale." The fantasy romance has a 7 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, a number that might go even lower with every published review.

Fortunately, they're not alone in failure. Plenty of major stars have made some truly awful movies. So before you sink your teeth into the upcoming Academy Awards and its Best Picture nominees, why not make a weekend out of hate-watching some wretched films, all of which earned zero percent ratings from Rotten Tomatoes? At least your popcorn won't know the difference.

  • "Father of Invention" (2011)
    Synopsis: A millionaire inventor goes to jail for a faulty invention, then tried to reinvent himself upon release.
    Who's in it: Kevin Spacey, Heather Graham
    Just one scathing review: "A weird and fitfully fresh comedy with a name-heavy cast that almost methodically fumbles away a viewer's engagement, leaving them with thoughts of what could have been."
  • "Constellation" (2005)
    Synopsis: A torn family comes together for a relative's death and are forced to confront each other, and their past.
    Who's in it: Zoe Saldana, Gabrielle Union
    Just one scathing review: "Loosely edited scenes juxtaposed in the most vexing ways and completely disparate motifs blurs 'Constellation' into an image that the Hubble Space Telescope could not sharpen."
  • "Surfer, Dude" (2008)
    Synopsis: An aging Malibu surfer needs to face reality and make some sort of living.
    Who's in it: Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson
    Just one scathing review: "The film looks more like a collection of home movies as opposed to a professional piece of cinema."
  • "Stolen" (2009)
    Synopsis: When a 10-year-old boy disappears, his detective father does his best to uncover the truth, at the cost of his sanity.
    Who's in it: Jon Hamm, Jessica Chastain
    Just one scathing review: "Every bit the unpleasant slog one might expect, glum and murkily shot, wallowing in pedantic histrionics and badly lacking the breathing room it desperately needs."
  • "Dark Tide" (2012)
    Synopsis: A shark expert haunted by a death on her watch is forced to get back on the job.
    Who's in it: Halle Berry, Olivier Martinez
    Just one scathing review: "The sharks themselves are the only ones to emerge with credit from this."
  • "Father Hood" (1993)
    Synopsis: A deadbeat dad kidnaps his children from an abusive orphanage.
    Who's in it: Patrick Swayze, Halle Berry
    Just one scathing review: "The movie develops a hopelessly split personality."
  • "Assassin's Bullet" (2012)
    Synopsis: A vigilante is killing some of America's Most Wanted, and the FBI wants to know who that is.
    Who's in it: Christian Slater, Donald Sutherland
    Just one scathing review: "What do belly dancers, wigs, shrinks, split personalities and secret ops sexpot mercenary mayhem have to do with a movie? Well, an awful lot it seems, in this CIA espionage freakout that makes waterboarding appear tame by comparison."
  • "An Invisible Sign" (2011)
    Synopsis: A math wiz with OCD and a late, brilliant father teaches kids to interpret the world in a different way.
    Who's in it: Jessica Alba, Chris Messina
    Just one scathing review: "The film is a puzzling mix of sentiment, black humor, and loads and loads of nonsensical behavior."
  • "Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star" (2011)
    Synopsis: A deadbeat discovers his parents were once adult film stars and he sets out to follow in their footsteps.
    Who's in it: Christina Ricci, Don Johnson
    Just one scathing review: "Putrid and completely unfunny, 'Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star' is a torturous exercise for a viewer. I can't count the times I wanted to walk out of this ghastly excuse for a movie. Still, I stayed with it. I just couldn't bring myself to leave."
  • "Ed" (1996)
    Synopsis: Ed Sullivan, a chimpanzee, is a third baseman in a minor league baseball team.
    Who's in it: Matt LeBlanc
    Just one scathing review: "Mr. LeBlanc ... is so blank that the only impression he makes is of having teeth that are very large and unnaturally white."
  • "Generation Um..." (2012)
    Synopsis: Three friends/lovers spend a crazy night in New York and record it all on camera.
    Who's in it: Keanu Reeves
    Just one scathing review: "Meandering and affected, this tedious character study is as aimless as the lives it depicts."
  • "On Deadly Ground" (1994)
    Synopsis: A corrupt company owner wants to open a refinery in Alaska, the Eskimos rebel.
    Who's in it: Michael Caine, Steven Seagal
    Just one scathing review: "Just what the world needs, environmental lessons from Steven Seagal."
  • "Return to the Blue Lagoon" (1991)
    Synopsis: A sequel to the 1980's Brooke Shields hit tries to mimic the plot with different actors.
    Who's in it: Milla Jovovich, Brian Krause
    Just one scathing review: "A movie whose best features are its lush tropical vistas has evident limitations."
  • "The Shadow Conspiracy" (1997)
    Synopsis: A presidential advisor must stop a plot to assassinate the president.
    Who's in it: Charlie Sheen, Donald Sutherland
    Just one scathing review: "Corpses pile up, dreadful secrets are uncovered, and Bishop [Sheen] eventually gets to the bottom of things, a full hour after the least attentive viewer will have figured out who's behind it all."
  • "The Suburbans" (1999)
    Synopsis: An '80s one-hit wonder band tries another shot at the spotlight.
    Who's in it: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Will Ferrell
    Just one scathing review: "Painfully laugh-free."
  • "That's What She Said" (2012)
    Synopsis: Three ladies in New York dealing with dating and friendship life as a whole.
    Who's in it: Anne Heche
    Just one scathing review: "An embarrassing girls-behaving-badly indie romp you'd expect a group of friends to write after an all-you-can-drink brunch."
  • "A Thousand Words" (2012)
    Synopsis: A fast-talking literary agent must stop talking or he'll die.
    Who's in it: Eddie Murphy, Kerry Washington
    Just one scathing review: "A poorly conceived and startlingly miscast comedy that works to every one of its stars' weaknesses."
  • "Loose Cannons" (1990)
    Synopsis: Two aging cops, one with a multiple personality disorder, investigate deaths that have to do with the Nazis.
    Who's in it: Gene Hackman, Dan Aykroyd
    Just one scathing review: "Comedy as a form of torture."
  • "Look Who's Talking Now" (1990)
    Synopsis: Now that their kids are grown enough to actually talk, their dogs voice their thoughts (voiced by Danny DeVito and Diane Keaton, no less).
    Who's in it: John Travolta, Kirstie Alley
    Just one scathing review: "As fun as talking babies were, the buck stops here with talking dogs. Gone is the witty humor and sexual innuendo of the first film, and in it's place is a script just ripe for any 8-year-old, but stale to anyone in the double digits."
  • "Karla" (2005)
    Synopsis: Based on a true story of a Canadian couple who were also serial killers.
    Who's in it: Laura Prepon
    Just one scathing review: "You can call it guilty of exploitation, tastelessness or insensitivity if you like, but its greatest failing is a certain deadly pointlessness."