02/14/2014 10:55 am ET Updated Feb 15, 2014

Alfonso Cuaron Reveals Alternate 'Gravity' Ending That Would Have Been A Real Downer


"Gravity" is easily one of the year's most dissected films, from director Alfonso Cuaron's spectacular 13-minute opening shot to Sandra Bullock's return to Earth in the movie's final moments.

That ending spawned theories ranging from philosophical readings to speculation that Bullock's character, Ryan Stone, doesn't actually survive. Cuaron has verified that Ryan does indeed beat the odds, but during a recent Reddit AMA, he also revealed an alternate ending that wouldn't have been quite as uplifting.

We had an alternative ending in which after landing on Earth, Ryan will get back on her feet and as she's walking away Matt Kovalski falls from the sky and crashes her to death. And then cut to black. [Credit] scroll in silence.

Cuaron has joked about this before, telling Entertainment Weekly the same thing as he explained how he had considered avoiding chatter about a potential sequel. Joke or not, it's sort of fun to imagine a screeching halt to Steven Price's majestic score as George Clooney smashes into Sandra Bullock, right?



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