02/14/2014 11:54 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

21 Love Notes That Could Only Have Been Written By Children

When kids try their hands at love notes, the result is nothing short of completely off the rails magical. Many of these messages are addressed to mom or dad, but there's time for true romance down the line. Happy Valentine's Day from HuffPost Parents!

The Writer

The Modern Kid

mary zingarelli pretotto

The Hobbit Fan Fic

nicole meloche

Translation: "Mom you love everything so much you can hug a dragon and it will love you."

The Evil Eye

The Breakfast Special

The Superlative

brenda doan

The Tie

jessica tharp


valentines from kids

The Ill-Considered Threat

The Really Big Deal

amymelissa davis

The Back-Handed Compliment

The One That's Really... Hot

The Appeal For Upvotes

The Star Wars Storyboard

The Dark Is Rising

eileen sullivan

The Truth Comes Out

jeran dahlquist

The Genuine Tear-Jerker

erin moussa

The Sweetie Pie

alison jones

The Reiterated Point

sami metzger

Translation: "I already told you this but I want you to know again you're the best mother ever I hope you know."

The Best We Could Do

rene brechtel

Mom explains her three boys made a list of the things they WANTED to get her (on the right: a ring, Dave Matthews tickets and chocolate candy hearts), then a list of the things they could ACTUALLY get (on the left: coupons for a free window cleaning, a free vacuum and a free table cleaning).

The Classic

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