02/14/2014 04:21 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Dale Hansen, Pro-Gay Sports Anchor, Joins 'Ellen'

When Michael Sam became the first active Division I college football player to come out as gay last week, he both made history and elicited a horrifying anti-gay backlash through social media.

In response, Texas sports anchor Dale Hansen took time out of his evening newscast to make a compelling and heartfelt response to the homophobic comments surrounding Sam's coming out. The video immediately when viral, and today Ellen Degeneres invited Hansen to make an appearance on her show.

"I wanted to do it because it's such a great story in so many ways," Hansen told Degeneres. "You've got the best defensive player in the best football conference in America coming out gay... and then wanting to play in the most dominant game in America in the NFL. I just thought it touched so many people... It wasn't a brave thing, it wasn't a great thing that I did. The brave thing and the great thing is what Michael Sam did."

Check out the incredible clip above. Did you miss Hansen's original powerful and moving speech? Head here to watch it.



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