02/14/2014 03:32 pm ET Updated Feb 14, 2014

Adorable Husband Uses 100 Sticky Notes To Express His Love For His Wife

Forget about chocolates and roses this Valentine's Day. All you need is sticky notes and a pen to express how you really feel.

A month ago, Kansas resident, Jesse Hale, got involved in Give it 100, a project which allows people to submit time-lapse videos of themselves taking part in something for 100 days straight, according to Yahoo.

Hale decided to tell his wife, Holly, that he loves her for 100 days -- using sticky notes.

His time-lapse video, above, features the first 25 days of his project and starts with a note telling Holly that she's "more beautiful than I could ever imagine." As the days progress, the notes make our hearts melt more and more.

"My wife is super awesome and talented. I have liked her since the day I met her," Hale told Yahoo. "The feeling wasn't mutual at the time. I eventually wore her down ... I mean won her over."

There's nothing like a handwritten note!



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