02/14/2014 01:10 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

10 Good Reasons To Spend Valentine's Day At Home, As Told In GIFs

Though we might have outgrown handing out valentines, there's still a certain pressure to actually do something for Valentine's Day. But like New Year's Eve, this "holiday" is better left spent in the comfort of one's home. Here's why:

You don't have to witness awkward teenagers making out. Teenage couples LOVE Valentine's Day. They love walking around with big balloons, giant teddy bears and the kind of chocolates that grown-ups would equate to chalk. They want to shout their love from the rooftops. And we'd rather they do that instead of making out next to us on the bus.

You won't get a reservation to anywhere decent. Nope, gotta lock down those reservations in advance, unless you're talking about a place that specializes in defrosted-then-deep-fried appetizers.

And if you did, you would be forced to order off a themed menu. Oysters. Lobster. Chocolate, 30 different ways. That's not your style.

And it would also be ridiculously expensive.

You don't run the risk of being serenaded. Nothing says "romance" like the forced, burning-cheek grimace that happens while a roving mariachi band plays a love ballad.

You won't have to carry around a bouquet of flowers all night.

No pressure to dress up. Not saying you should go around in a stained t-shirt and stretch pants, but at the very least you don't have to dress to the nines when it's 9 degrees out.

Did we mention that it's about 9 degrees out in many parts of the country?

At home, you're free to go on a candy binge without shame.

Or just easily move on to...other activities.