02/14/2014 09:41 am ET Updated Feb 14, 2014

'Sweater Stretchers'!? WGN News Anchor Has An Odd Way Of Describing Breasts On Live TV

They've hung up on Oprah, covered a fake plane crash as though it was real, coined the unfortunate phrase "caboose pistol" and now the Chicago-based WGN Morning News crew has done it again.

On Thursday morning, WGN anchor Larry Potash introduced a brief news story on a French bra study released last year and used the bizarre phrase "sweater stretchers" to describe breasts.

"Is the word 'breasts' OK or do you want me to say 'boobies' or what do you want me to say?" Potash asked co-anchor Robin Baumgarten.

"We're just trying to make you comfortable, Robin," Potash said. "We just want you to be comfortable."

Baumgarten loses it at "sweater stretchers" and proceeds to ask her "freak" of a colleague where he's been "hanging out."

We've said it so many times before and we're saying it again: Are you kidding me? Don't ever change, WGN. Please don't ever change.

And at least he didn't call them "dirty pillows."



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