02/14/2014 07:31 am ET Updated Feb 16, 2014

Where You Should Travel Based On Your Astrological Sign

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We've told you where to take a trip based on your personality type and even told you what your favorite vacation spot says about you, so why not take it one giant leap further into the stars to offer up some spots that might fit perfectly with your sun sign?

Whether you are the "quintessential Sag," a "typical Scorpio," or possess any traits of the other signs, you just may find that our suggestions are exactly what you've been looking for. Astrology is quite a complicated beast though, and it certainly isn't for everyone. For those individuals who enjoy dipping their toes in the daily horoscope waters, we have a few soft suggestions on where you might want to plan your next vacation.

A little disclaimer here, we are no astrologers and certainly aren't claiming to be. We did some research and compiled a list of destinations and trip ideas based on the typical traits of these signs.

You Aquarius folk are an eclectic bunch. Your interests vary and you are the thinkers. You know what you like and you very much so know what you don't, so your next getaway should be planned with that in mind. Because you are one of the signs who can get lost in your thoughts, why not utilize that head space for some clarity? Book a trip to Iceland during the prime Northern Lights-seeing time and ponder life's big questions under the glorious Aurora Borealis. Even if you come up with no answers, at least you can come home with some amazing photos.

Pisces are, plain and simple, the givers. They are far happier when they are sharing their experiences or knowledge with others, especially those in need. A trip focused on service could be the perfect marriage of relaxation and giving back. Pisces people, why not look into an alternative spring break type trip to Ghana? You'll get away from the every day rat race but still get the satisfaction of helping those in need.

If you're an Aries, you've got energy for days. Sitting on a beach soaking up the sun doesn't exactly tickle your fancy. You'll want to take all that restless energy and put it to good use. Try a trip down to Peru and make the ever-so-infamous trek up Machu Picchu. You'll have the benefits of a day or two of relaxation in Cusco (while you acclimate to the altitude) and then the rest of the time can be spent ridding yourself of that energy you've stored up. It's important to keep in mind that as an Aries, you can be known to bite off a little more than you can chew, so plan out your trip reasonably and don't get ahead of yourself.

Taurus friends, you can be a stubborn lot, but that isn't always a bad thing. Your stubborness can also be viewed as determination, so perhaps a trip with a goal is more up your alley. Not one for taking unnecessary risks, a hike up Mount Kilamanjaro may not be in the cards, but perhaps a ski weekend will do the trick. Never skied before? No worries! Book a trip to Colorado and try taking a turn down one of the bunny hills perfect for beginners. Consider yourself somewhat of an expert? Why not give a more challenging trail a shot. We hear the trails at Stowe Mountain Lodge in Vermont can prove to be quite the challenge if you're up to it.

Geminis have an ability to adapt to any situation and use their dual nature to embrace all of the best pairings in the world. Whether it be good and evil or yin and yang, the opposite pairings in our world are where Geminis flourish. Embracing the paradox that is Hong Kong is the perfect spot for a Gemini to vacation. You can get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle that over 7 million people call home, but are only minutes away from the great outdoors. Dragon's Back has been called one of the best hikes near Hong Kong, so you'll get your scenic fix and if that still hasn't quenched your dueling thirst for adventure, dig your toes into the sand on the coast of the South China Sea, a few miles south of the big city.

You Cancers out there are the most sensitive of all the signs and maybe even the most sentimental. Perhaps a trip to your home town or somewhere with a deep nostalgic connection can make the Cancer traveler the happiest. Haven't been back to your college town since that very first post-graduation homecoming? Grab your friends and plan a trip to spark the memories you hold so near and dear. You're an emotional sign, which isn't always a bad thing so if you there is any city or site that makes your heart aflutter, that's your hot spot.

As a Leo, you're more than likely a straight shooter but you do love a little pomp and circumstance. There's no need to beat around the bush, you know what you like and you're not afraid to go after it. Leos are a powerful people whose good (and bad) moods can really affect those around you, so you'll want to be sure and choose a destination that will give you the structure to keep you smiling, but can still show off a little dramatic flare. Like a Disney resort, perhaps? Everyone knows Disney does NOT mess around. They are efficient and spectacular, in virtually all that they do. If dinner at Cinderella's Castle doesn't seem right up your alley, you've got other options. There are Disney properties all over the world and might we suggest the Aulani Hawaii Resort on the beautiful island of Oahu. Leos can reap all the benefits of being at a Disney-run resort but a little less princess-y than say, Disney World.

You Virgos are a determined bunch. Your greatest asset and biggest curse is your laser-like focus. So when you're on a trip and things are going great, you'll notice all the beauty, but if they're not going as planned, you'll notice very little else. A trip to a highly anticipated spot, like the Eiffel Tower or the Sistine Chapel isn't exactly the best choice. Yes, see it so you can check it off your list, but pick an off the beaten path spot to hit up after you wait in line. Instead of Paris, try Bordeaux and instead of Rome, give Siena a go. The undiscovered hole in the wall restaurant and stumbled-upon garden will be the talk of your trip and your keen eye will give you plenty of ammunition (and bragging rights) to tell your friends all about it upon your return.

Libras, you're probably the kid who hosted the tea party or organized the neighborhood-wide game of hide and seek. You're a group of people pleasers and you do it with such ease because it's just part of your personality. You're easy going and would make an excellent travel companion because of your ability to anticipate what your mates will be thinking or feeling. These qualities make you Libras seem like a perfect fit for a backpacking trip around Southeast Asia. You're a planner but you're not too type A, so when you step off the bus in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon but still referred to by most locals) and are overwhelmed by the traffic and decisions, you won't freak out and you'll make sure your companions won't either.

As a Scorpio, you know you're a curious little thing. You've got questions for days and you're never quite satisfied. People are generally drawn to you and your inquisitive personality but you also love a little time to yourself. Perhaps your next adventure should be a solo journey. There are plenty of adventure and tourism groups that put together travel packages for single travelers. Take a Contiki tour through multiple European cities or book a Living Local Tour through GAdventures, and see what daily life in Tuscany really is like. Traveling alone can be nerve wracking but if there is a sign in the zodiac that has all the best characteristics to really make a solo trip a life changing experience, it would be you, Scorpio.

You are the travelers of the Zodiac, Sagittarius. Your love for adventure and thirst for experiencing all the world has to offer makes your next trip choice all that much more difficult. The best part is this will be your next trip, not your only one. Because you've got a thirst for knowledge and are constantly trying to connect deeper with the people and places that surround you, a yoga retreat or a super remote destination might be the perfect fit. Take a few days to unwind and connect to your own mind, just be sure to pick a place you've never been.

Capricorns, you like a challenge. You like to set a goal for yourself and are sure to get it done, even if those goals seem somewhat impossible. So how can that translate to your next adventure? Simple. Take a trip that will challenge you in ways you wouldn't expect. You don't need to take on some incredible physical feat to test yourself, just book a trip that takes you outside of your comfort zone. Are you a city girl? Try pitching a tent and spending a long weekend in Yellowstone National Park, staring at the stars. Love the great outdoors but get hives at the thought of a subway? Jetset yourself to New York City and leave those stars for the bright lights of Times Square.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story stated that Aulani is on Maui.