02/16/2014 10:04 am ET Updated Feb 16, 2014

2 Skiers Missing After Avalanche In Colorado

Authorities in Lake County, Colo., report that two skiers are missing following an avalanche that occurred Saturday evening.

The skiers were part of a group of seven that were near the top of a ridge on the Twin Lakes side of Independence Pass when a "very large slide" that was near or above tree line was triggered around 5 p.m. Saturday, Denver Post reported.

Of the group, three skiers were hospitalized with injuries including a broken leg, broken ankle and possible broken rib and collapsed lung. Two others walked away unharmed, and two more remain unaccounted for, Colorado emergency management officials said.

The Colorado Avalanche and Information Center had reported hazardous conditions in the high country Saturday, and warned people against traveling in avalanche-prone terrain.

The avalanche did not reach the road. Several emergency vehicles responded to the area Saturday, but it appears nightfall prevented a broader search of the area.

Teams were expected to return Sunday morning.

Last week a Colorado man was killed in a deadly avalanche outside the Keystone Ski Resort.



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