02/17/2014 11:35 am ET Updated Feb 17, 2014

Mandy Patinkin Is In For A Huge Surprise On 'LIVE With Kelly And Michael'

Last December, "Homeland" star Mandy Patinkin stopped by "LIVE With Kelly And Michael" where the hosts greeted him with a surprising email: A woman named Sandy had written in to say that Patinkin was her first kiss.

“I’ve been looking for her, she was the greatest!” Patinkin exclaimed.

This Wednesday (Feb. 19), Patinkin will have an on-air reunion with Sandy. Check out how adorable they are in our exclusive clip above, and don't forget to tune in on Wednesday morning, because we hear Kelly and Michael have another surprise waiting for Patinkin.

And in case you missed his priceless December appearance, check it out below:

Don't forget to tune in to "LIVE With Kelly And Michael" on Wednesday, Feb. 19 to see what else Kelly and Michael have in store for Patinkin.