02/18/2014 04:10 pm ET Updated Feb 18, 2014

Reporter Who Interviewed George Zimmerman Compares Him To Charles Manson


A reporter who recently interviewed George Zimmerman made it clear in an essay on Tuesday that he believes Trayvon Martin's killer "should be in jail," despite recently sitting down with him.

"I am not impartial," Derrick Ashong, a correspondent for the Fusion network, declared. He wrote that he believes "Zimmerman got away with murder."

Why then, did Ashong talk to Zimmerman? He explained:

"I interviewed George Zimmerman for the same reasons journalists have interviewed Charles Manson, that Barbara Walters interviewed Muammar Ghaddafi and Fidel Castro... And maybe I simply wanted to look in the eyes of the killer and see if I could perceive an ounce of remorse. I found none."

Click over to Fusion for Ashong's full post.