02/18/2014 11:34 am ET Updated Feb 18, 2014

Mississippi Woman Expecting Identical Triplets Gets The Surprise Of A Lifetime

Kimberly Fugate is experiencing one surprise after another.

The Mississippi-native thought she had reached the end of a marathon with the birth of her three baby girls. After all, doctors told her she would be expecting identical triplets, which was a shock to the mom of one 10-year-old daughter. But after the third baby was delivered, they realized a fourth was hiding behind her three sisters.

"They had got the three out and they said, 'More feet,'" Fugate told Good Morning America. "'More feet' ... that's all I heard and I said, 'Nooo!'"

Though once unexpected, Kenleigh Rosa, Kristen Sue, Kayleigh Pearl and Kelsey Roxanne are now known as the "Fugate Four".

The girls were born 13 week premature Just a day before Fugate's 42nd birthday, each weighing about two pounds. They'll have to remain in observation at University of Mississippi Medical Center until May.

According to the New York Daily News, giving birth to four identical babies is rare. Only 60 cases have been documented in medical history. Even Fugate's doctor, Dr. James Bofill, was shocked -- and embarrassed. It was his fellow that told him of the fourth baby.

"We’ve seen quadruplets here before, but we’ve never seen identical quadruplets,” Bofill told the Clarion Ledger. “That’s what makes this case so unique and unusual.”

Despite their stream of surprises, the family's joy for the girls is no secret. Kimberly, her husband Craig and the quads' big sister Katelyn, age 10, created a Facebook page called "Fugate Quadtruplets" to keep well-wishers in the loop. It has over 53,000 likes. The girls are still in the hospital, but the Fugate family has posted an update with their improvements.

On Valentine's Day they posted a photo of the babies with the caption "Our Sweet Valentines!"

Indeed, those are sweet gifts that not even chocolate can top. Still, Mom knows what she can handle.

“This. Is. It,” she told the Clarion Ledger.



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