02/18/2014 10:43 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

'The Perfect Beast,' Russ Irwin Video, Celebrates The Marginalized

Singer/songwriter Russ Irwin is back with a new track that simultaneously takes on Robin Thicke's infamous "Blurred Lines" video while also celebrating marginalized individuals who wouldn't traditionally be featured in mainstream music videos.

In a project that attempts to bring historically disenfranchised people to the forefront of visibility, "The Perfect Beast" features a wide-ranging cast that contains some familiar faces. Those making cameos in the video include transexual model and actress Ximena Olivares, Miss Teen California Nicole Jattsis, bisexual actress Beatrice Munoz and a number of other individuals.

“I really loved the Robin Thicke video 'Blurred Lines,' but my director, Casey Tebo, said that it only showed mainstream ideas of beauty," Irwin told The Huffington Post. "Casey suggested that we should use ‘The Perfect Beast’ to showcase something closer to home, the #FREAKS. And that’s exactly what we did –- we made a video that celebrates the marginalized.”

Check out the video for "The Perfect Beast" above and head here for more info about Russ Irwin.