02/19/2014 01:37 pm ET Updated Sep 23, 2014

Bruce Allen Santee II, Semi-pro Wrestler, Accused Of Offering $100 For Cop-killing On Facebook (UPDATE)

UPDATE: State Attorney Bernie McCabe stated in a court document filed June 30, 2014 that "the facts and circumstances revealed do not warrant prosecution," in the case against Bruce Allen Santee II.

Original report:

No one likes getting stopped by traffic cops, but offering $100 on Facebook to have the officer killed is an overreaction, to say the least.

Police in Pinellas Park, Fla., say Bruce Allen Santee II, did just that after the car he was in was pulled over early Sunday morning, ABC Action News reported.

Santee, 35, was a front-seat passenger in the car, which was driven by a woman who was pulled over after she failed to yield, according to

Police said Santee was so angry that he took to Facebook a short time later. He allegedly posted disparaging remarks against the officer, whom he mentioned by name. He also allegedly offered $100 to anyone willing to kill the officer.

The post is no longer on his page, and the officer is not being identified by name.

An off-duty officer saw Santee's post, and reported it to the Pinellas Police Dept.

Santee, who wrestles semi-professionally under the name "The Marquee," turned himself in around 3:30 p.m. Monday afternnon. He was charged with written threats to kill or do bodily injury, reported.

The suspect allegedly apologized to detectives and blamed his behavior on being drunk, Sgt. Adam Geissenberger said, according to the New York Daily News.

Santee's father, Bruce OG Santee, who is also a professional wrestler, was livid at the arrest and took to Facebook to express his displeasure:

"For all the friends and fans that know my son.The best thing we can do is support him in a politically correct way. I thought we had a first ammendment in this country I guess not so much anymore. I do not condone what he wrote on Facebook but how in the hell can you take a comment like that seriously when they are intoxicated and finally who would kill anybody for a 100 dollars. REALLY I REST MY CASE !!!"



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