02/19/2014 07:00 am ET Updated Feb 19, 2014

A Guide To Drinking: The Appropriate Alcohol For Every Kind Of Occasion

Whether it's Sunday brunch or happy hour, a first date or a wedding, it's always a good time for a drink. Everyone has a favorite beverage, but with so many choices out there, sometimes it can still be hard to choose. When you're faced with that difficult dilemma -- a gin and tonic or a beer, a whisky on the rocks or neat -- the options can feel overwhelming and you might end up making the grave mistake of ordering something you'll regret. (You never want to waste the opportunity for a good drink, after all.)

To help you rise to the occasion, we've charted out your go-to drinks for any situation. Don't know what to order? Don't panic. It's 5 o'clock somewhere, so go ahead, grab a drink and find out what the best choice is for any scenario.

  • Sunday Brunch
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    A Bloody Mary. You know you want one. You might actually need one. You probably don't need one quite as elaborate as this one, but you definitely do need a good Bloody, or seven. That mimosa or bellini might look good, but so do those pancakes. And you know you ultimately don't want something sweet -- you want something salty, acidic, and strong.
  • High School Prom After-Party
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    Warm beer, hidden in your friend's basement.
  • First Date
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    If you're meeting for drinks on the first date, start with a simple mixed drink, like a gin and tonic. If you're having a second drink, order a beer. You don't want overdo it, but you might need something a little stronger to start with to ease the inevitable awkwardness. Your next date? It's coffee time.
  • New Year's Eve
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    Champagne. Duh.
  • Frat Party
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    Beer in a Solo Cup. Preferably after a game of flip cup on the beer pong table. Come on, guys. Let's be real here.
  • Your Birthday
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    When in doubt, get a margarita on your birthday. No matter how bad your birthday might be, it's impossible not to have fun with a margarita in your hand. It's festive and if you drink enough, you won't remember how old you're turning.
  • A Night In
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    Whether it's a romantic night in, or you're home wallowing in the pain of a break-up, red wine is your friend. Your ever reliable, soothing, good friend.
  • A Bachelorette Party When Your Sole Mission Is To Get As Drunk As Possible
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    The biggest bang for your buck (and a guaranteed full day hangover)? Long Island Iced Tea.
  • The Bridal Shower You Really Didn't Want To Attend
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    Mimosas. All the mimosas.
  • The Office Christmas Party That You Got Too Drunk At Last Year
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    Soda water and lime. No one will know the difference, but you won't be puking in the office bathroom the next morning like you did last year.
  • Meeting The Parents
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    Whatever they're drinking.
  • You Just Got Promoted!
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    A martini.
  • You Just Got Laid Off
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    Two martinis.
  • A Wedding
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    Whatever they're serving, and as much of it as you can.
  • Spring Break
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    Tequila shots. Many tequila shots, and then never again.
  • The First Day Of Fall
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    Hard cider. If you're a skeptic, you've probably just tried the super sweet varieties. The world of hard cider is bigger and way more awesome than you think, and the fall is a great time to try something new. If you're already on board, good for you.
  • The First Day Of Summer
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    Sangria or a cold, refreshing beer. Or both! It's summer!
  • College Graduation
    Steve Wisbauer via Getty Images
    Scotch. You're an adult now.

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