02/19/2014 05:48 pm ET Updated Feb 20, 2014

Here's Why Joe Biden Could Never Be Like Frank Underwood

Joe Biden has made headlines for some questionable gaffes and eyebrow-raising behavior during his tenure as vice president, but would he use the questionable maneuvers of Frank Underwood?

Huffington Post Editorial Director Howard Fineman told HuffPost Live on Wednesday that he could not see Biden using the cutthroat political tactics featured on Netflix’s "House of Cards," where Underwood -- played by Kevin Spacey -- uses some bonkers moves to get his way.

“Joe Biden … could only wish he could do things like that to get stuff done in the United States Senate,” Fineman said. “The fact is that the United State Senate doesn’t work at all anymore, and no amount of sergeants-at-arms banging on the doors of hide-away offices is going to change that. To me, as a political reporter, what’s so interesting about the show is that it shows a Washington and the sort of dream of effectiveness, however cruel and however amoral, that doesn’t exist.”

Watch Fineman’s interview on HuffPost Live above.



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