02/19/2014 02:20 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Kindr CEO Matt Ivester: Technology Can Lift People Up, Not Just Tear Them Down

Full of bullying and snark, the Internet can be a scary place. Matt Ivester is trying to change that with Kindr, an app that makes it easier to be kind.

Ivester joined HuffPost Live to discuss how the app takes on cyber bullying using "cyber kindness."

Kindr is similar to sending a digital greeting card, Ivester said. Users swipe through featured content and "for whatever you're feeling or whatever you want to convey, you find the right image or GIF, and then you can add a little note underneath it. Using your phone's contact book, you select the person you want to send to and they get the picture and note in their inbox, and hopefully you make them smile."

For concerned parents who "can't monitor their kids behavior all the time," Ivester suggests using Kindr as "a way for parents to model good digital behavior, spread positivity and say, 'Hey, technology can be used to lift people up, not just tear them down.'"

Watch the full HuffPost Live conversation about Kindr and CEO Matt Ivester's new book "lol...OMG!" in the video below.



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