02/19/2014 08:57 am ET

Jimmy Fallon Interviewed Kristen Wiig As Harry Styles, And It Was So Funny

When you read that Kristen Wiig is booked to be on Jimmy Fallon's talk show, it's a good bet that she will mysteriously cancel her appearance and instead will be replaced at the last minute by another gigantic celebrity. It happened with Michael Jordan, and last night on her "Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" debut, One Direction singer Harry Styles appeared in her place.

Okay, so like Jordan, "Harry Styles" was actually just Wiig trying to pass herself off as the British superstar. But there was one problem: Wiig seemed to barely know anything about Styles, One Direction or the music business, apparently.

Watching Wiig barely attempt to impersonate Styles is so much fun -- in an American accent, she hazily recounted sending One Direction's demo to RCA (the group actually formed on "The X Factor" in Britain). Then, Fallon handed her a mic to launch into their hit "Story of My Life," which she stumbled through until Fallon, who actually knew the song, helped her out.

Let's hope we see Wiig come on the show as other celebrities more frequently. Check out the full clip above.



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