02/19/2014 11:55 am ET

Marc Anthony Reveals How Well He Gets Along With J.Lo's Beau, Casper Smart (VIDEO)

Anyone expecting animosity between Jennifer Lopez’s former hubby, Marc Anthony, and her new beau, Casper Smart, are about to be very disappointed.

On Monday, the Salsa superstar appeared on “The Wendy Williams Show” to promote an event for his foundation, Maestro Cares. During his chat with the host Anthony revealed how well he gets along with J.Lo’s new flame and whether he sees wedding bells in his future.

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Since their divorce in 2011, J.Lo and Anthony, 45, have remained close as they co-parent their 5-year-old twins Max and Emme. Shortly after the split, Lopez, 44, began dating dancer Casper Smart.

With an impeccable Freudian slip, Williams asked Marc about his relationship with his ex-wife’s 26-year-old boyfriend -- to which the Puerto Rican singer jokingly replied, “I like them young, too! I’m not here to complain, I’m not one to judge.”

Indeed the “Vivir Mi Vida” singer had been dating 22-year-old Topshop heiress Chloe Green, until the couple called it quits earlier this month. Lopez and Casper, however, have been going strong for over two years and Marc says that his relationship with the dancer is also solid.

“It’s great, as a matter of fact, we were texting back and forth two days ago,” Anthony told host Wendy Williams. “We’re actually really, really good friends. From the very beginning. When you love someone and you care for someone, and Jennifer and I -- I don’t say it lightly -- we’re great friends. You know, anybody that means anything to her means something to me. Period.”

Not only are Casper and Marc great buddies, it seems J.Lo’s beau has gained plenty of points with the couple’s twins.
“Casper’s a great guy. He’s been great to my children. I have nothing but respect for him, absolutely nothing but respect,” Anthony added.

Marc’s relationship with his ex-wife Dayanara Torres, however, isn’t quite as easy going. Last November, the former Miss Universe reportedly dragged J.Lo and the twins into their child support battle -- citing unequal treatment for the two children she had with the Salsa artist.

Anthony may be newly single but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have high hopes for his romantic life in the future, and he isn't writing off the possibility of a third marriage.

“I believe that God has blessed me in so many ways,” the singer said. “Materials things go but so far. Success goes but so far. But, when your house is empty and you don’t have someone to invest in, if you don’t have a witness, it’s almost worthless.”

Recently, J.Lo expressed a starkly different sentiment about marrying for a fourth time. She assured Glamour UK that while she'd consider marriage in the future, it’s not the key to her long-term happiness.

“I’d love to have someone to share my life with, but I don’t have to be married to feel whole,” Lopez told the magazine. “I love love, but what’s more important is feeling whole on my own. You can’t really have any of the other stuff without that.”



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