02/19/2014 12:32 pm ET Updated Feb 19, 2014

RealLifeStarter Is KickStarter For Not-So-Proud Parents (VIDEO)

If you're a parent, there's no doubt you want to see your child be happy and successful once they grow up and it's time for them to leave the household.

However, that doesn't mean you don't know the difference between what's good and just plain terrible in terms of art, acting, music and other more creative endeavors.

Luckily, if your child decides to pursue their dreams in one of these fields, but absolutely lacks the talent to do so, there's finally an online solution: RealLifeStarter!

What is it exactly? Well, it's a bit like the opposite KickStarter that puts your adult children's passions into perspective. Instead of raising funds to pursue their 'creative' concepts, it raises funds for them to never, ever engage in the ill-conceived idea again.

Alright, so while RealLifeStarter isn't actually real (yet!), you get the idea and will absolutely love this parody piece from Above Average. Do feel free to both laugh and cry at the same time if you happen to find yourself in a similar situation.



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