02/20/2014 05:13 pm ET Updated Feb 20, 2014

The Onion Introduces Netflix's New 'Browse Endlessly' Plan

Finally, it's here!

The Onion has 'officially' announced Netflix's new "Browse Endlessly" app! You know, an app for that thing you do every time you open your Netflix anyway?

Touching on the hilarious habits of Netflix and its users, The Onion described how the on-demand internet streaming company will be adding "up to 1,000 movies you've never heard of and TV shows you kind of want to watch, but not if there is something better on."

Netflix's new feature even has its first review.

"The browse endlessly plan makes it so easy for my husband and I to never agree on a movie, argue about how we ruined a perfectly good night and then sit in silence," a woman purported to be Liz Davis said.

Want to see the app for yourself? Check out The Onion video above.



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