02/21/2014 09:56 am ET Updated Feb 21, 2014

Jon Stewart Rips Kansas Rep's Insane Child-Beating Bill

Not much surprises Jon Stewart when it comes to politicians, but a new bill proposed by a Kansas representative that would allow people to legally hit children harder has done just that.

"Chew on that for a little bite," Stewart said, giving a fake pitch for the bill that would allow parents to hit their kids to the point of bruising, and even give them the authority to let other people strike them. "'Hello, my name is Rep. Gail Finney. Are you holding back from punching the shit out of your children because you fear legal repercussions? Well, fear no more, your nightmare is over! While theirs is just beginning.'"

Check out the full clip above.

CORRECTION: This post originally said that Rep. Finney is a Republican. In fact, she is a Democrat.