02/21/2014 09:07 am ET Updated Feb 21, 2014

Kate Hansen Is The Olympian Who Cried 'Wolf In My Hall?!?' (VIDEOS)

Once upon a Winter Games, Olympians were tweeting from Russia. If anything unusual happened in the Olympic Village, the athletes would cry, “#SochiProblems.” Then all the people on the Internet would rush to laugh and embed their tweets.

The Olympians had little to do between events at these Winter Games and one U.S. luger thought it would be fun to cry, “Wolf!” when there was no wolf. With the help of television host and veteran hoaxer Jimmy Kimmel, U.S. luge star Kate Hansen actually tweeted out "Wolf in my hall?!?" very early on Thursday morning with a YouTube video seemingly showing a wolf in her hall. All the vigilant people of the Internet (including HuffPost Sports) came running to gawk.

But there was no wolf. The video was created by Kimmel in his studio, just like that epic twerking fail that went viral last year. Understandably, the security people in the Olympic Village were freaked out by the luger's Kimmel-aided prank.

“Honestly, there was a little bit more backlash than I thought there would be but it was all worth it in the end” Hansen said during a Skype conversation with Kimmel after the hoax was unmasked.


A 21-year-old from California, Hansen finished 10th in the women's singles luge and was already a viral sensation thanks to her pre-race and medal-blessing dancing. She handled the commotion.

“Security started freaking out, because technically there was a breach, you know, with athlete safety. It kind of went a little crazy over here," she told Kimmel. "But I handled it.”

Before Kimmel's next show began on Thursday evening, a publicist for the U.S. Luge Association told "Inside Edition" that Hansen teamed up with "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on the prank. Despite the uproar, Hansen and Kimmel thought the whole thing was so much fun that they discussed bringing a live bear to the closing ceremony.

"Let me see what I can find," she responded when Kimmel suggested another prank. "There is a kind of a lot of forest going on here but, you know, anything for you, Jimmy."

Unlike that boy from Aesop's Fables who cried "wolf" and was never believed again, Hansen was rewarded for her effort. Kimmel presented her with the gold medal for pranking. Perhaps more surprisingly, she even made someone from the IOC laugh.

"It made me kind of laugh as an individual, not as an IOC spokesman," International Olympic Committee spokesman Mark Adams told The Associated Press on Friday. "I don't think there's any harm done."