02/21/2014 11:25 am ET Updated Feb 21, 2014

Lamar Odom Wears Wedding Ring As He Travels To Spain

Lamar Odom may be starting a new chapter in his life by moving to Spain, but there's still some evidence that he's living in the past.

Odom, the 34-year-old former NBA player, is revamping his basketball career after a short hiatus. He has signed a two-month contract with Spanish team Laboral Kutxa, where he will finish out their 2013-2014 season. He was spotted at the Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday (Feb. 18) as he prepared to catch a flight to Europe.

As Odom walked through the airport, photographers noticed that he was wearing his diamond-encrusted wedding band.

Earlier in the day, Odom spoke with reporters from Access Hollywood and said that the Kardashian family has been very supportive of his decision to move to Spain. When asked if he had spoken to Bruce Jenner lately, Odom said yes, noting that Jenner means a lot to him.

When asked if he'd spoken to Khloe Kardashian lately, Odom laughed at the question and said, "I always speak to Khloe. She's my wife."

Kardashian filed for divorce in December of 2013; they have been married since 2009.

Between wearing his wedding ring and finding the notion that he might not be speaking with Kardashian ridiculous, despite the fact that they have been separated for several months, it sounds like Odom's head is still in the relationship.



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