02/21/2014 03:12 pm ET Updated Feb 21, 2014

Matthew McConaughey Watches Every 'True Detective' Episode As It Airs, Multiple Times

We don't only appreciate Matthew McConaughey for his recent amazing turn as a serious actor in both film and TV, aka the McConaissance, or for his ability to make a catchy chant with his chest. We admire the man for being a true detective in real life, and for proving he has some serious patience.

During his appearance on "The Queen Latifah Show" on Friday, Feb. 21, the Oscar nominated actor said that HBO gave him all eight episodes of his series "True Detective." But did he binge-watch the entire series in advance since he could? Nope. He watched them one at a time as each episode aired, just like the rest of us.

"I started to watch them and I said, 'No, I want to do what everybody else does: I want to watch one a week and then sit on it a week," McConaughey told Latifah. Although he obviously knows how the series ends, he still watched every episode, and even watched some multiple times. "I go back and watch it two, three times and I'm seeing something different every time and I made it!" Now that's some serious detective work, McConaughey!

All we know is that if we had all eight episodes in our "True Detective"-obsessed hands, we'd have finished the season weeks ago.

Watch the video clip above, courtesy of E! News.

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