This Cow's INSANE Deformity Will Help 'Fulfill All Your Wishes'

Thank Vishnu this five-legged cow was born in India where it's worshipped. One border in the wrong direction and it's extra burger meat.

Its owner, Laxman Bhosale, said the cow "holds the essence of Hindu religion" and touching its fifth leg will help "fulfill all your wishes," BBC reports.

Now, the holy cow is on tour in India. Newly released photos show it decorated in beads and fancy fabric, hanging out in the back of a fancy trailer, according to the Daily Mail. Her fifth leg protrudes from her shoulder and neck area.

5 leg cow

BBC reports:

Bhosale said: "Cow is our holy animal. We call her our mother. With this extra limb, God is indicating to us that we must respect the animal and seek her blessings.

"Touching the limb of mother cow will bring good luck and help you fulfill all your wishes."

Followers believe the cow, whose fifth leg protrudes from its neck, is a manifestation of a Hindu deity.

Hundreds of people are turning out to catch a glimpse of the 4-year-old creature, Osun Defender reports. Right now, it's in New Delhi, but Bhosale will be taking it to as many big cities as possible to let "all of humanity benefit from the blessings of mother cow and her fifth leg."



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