02/24/2014 05:42 pm ET Updated Feb 25, 2014

Guy Smashes Finger With Mallet To Demonstrate iPhone Case


Step right up! Watch this guy bash his finger with a mallet! Because what else have you got going on?

In order to show off his company’s Impact Brand iPhone 5S Case at the Mobile World Congress, Tech 21’s Faron Sagebiel wrapped his finger in the company’s D30 impact material and started smashing.

Tech 21 calls the material “an intelligent combination of enhanced chemistry, engineering and design which together creates an advanced polymer formula that offers soft, low profile, flexible protection."

While this may not be the safest way to demonstrate that your product works, no one can argue that it isn’t entertaining. Using just the D30 material and a solid-looking mallet, Sagebiel gives his index finger seven solid thumps. It’s worth noting that the video doesn't show the aftermath of the test, but odds are good it went well, as it didn’t include any cries of horrible, horrible pain.

WARNING: Don't try this at home.

CORRECTION: This article originally mislabeled the D3O product.



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