02/24/2014 12:56 pm ET

'House Of Cards': Nathan Darrow On THAT Scene And The Future Of Meechum


You’ve now had two full weekends to binge-watch the second season of "House of Cards," and if you did in fact finish all 13 episodes, you’ve no doubt got one question on your mind: Who is Meechum, and where can I get one for myself?

The Underwoods’ stoic bodyguard is played by Nathan Darrow, a trained stage actor from Kansas City who first worked with "Cards" star Kevin Spacey in a production of Shakespeare’s "Richard III." Toward the end of the play’s international tour in 2011, Netflix was starting to put together the cast of "House of Cards," and Spacey submitted Darrow and other company members for roles in the series. “It was stacked with some very talented actors who were really right for "House of Cards," so Kevin put a bunch of us up for it,” recalls Darrow, who actually read for another role prior to being cast as Meechum. “I went in for casting and later for [executive producer David] Fincher, and that’s just how it happened.”

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