02/24/2014 03:20 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

'My Gay Roommate' Web Series Premieres 'The Bigger Man'

Earlier this year, we brought you the first installment in a web series starring Noam Ash and Austin Bening called "My Gay Roommate." The series itself follows the hilarious highs and lows of two men, one gay and one straight, navigating the dynamics of living together.

Now, the pair have released the second episode in the series, titled "The Bigger Man," focusing on, in the words of creator Noam Ash, a new element for this season: magical realism.

"This new theme comes into play because we believe that sharing in an imagination is one of the deepest forms of friendship," Ash told The Huffington Post. "The roommates' fantasy worlds start to come alive in the apartment, making the homo-hetero duo confront not only each other, but the things they keep in the closet."

Check out the episode above and head here if you missed the premiere.