02/25/2014 03:12 pm ET Updated Feb 25, 2014

Headpieces For Peace: Can Hats Help The Middle East? (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

By Mary Alice Stephenson

Hey Pharrell Williams, have I got some head gear you might want to wear! Knowing how vocal your hats can be (I follow them on Twitter), I thought you might want to don a headpiece that has something inspiring to say -- a hat with style and social consciousness. We're talking headwear that promotes peace in a GLAM4GOOD kind of way.

At GLAM4GOOD, we like style that does more than just look good, so when we saw Headpieces For Peace we had to share it with you. It takes a stroke of genius to confront complex political issues surrounding the Middle East in a quirky, humorous and stylish way. Award-winning multimedia artist Jessica Sofia Mitrani's brilliant new exhibition at the French Institute Alliance Française does just that.

So Pharrell, meet Jessica. Our hats are off to both of you!

Can headwear help the Middle East? Tell us what you think. Check out the super cool headpieces in the video above, along with photos of some of the 11 headpieces made from printed fabric designed by threeASFOUR below. For more information on the exhibition, visit FIFA.

Headpieces For Peace: Can Hats Help The Middle East?