02/25/2014 11:55 am ET Updated Feb 25, 2014

Stefanie Herringer, Andrew Vukovich Have Sex In Taxi: Cops

Whatever gets your meter running.

A couple in Orland Park, Ill., is accused of having sex in the back of a cab. Then, they were allegedly too hard up to pay the $83 fare, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The cab driver told police he picked up Stefanie Herringer and Andrew Vukovich on Feb. 9 at around 3:00 a.m., and told them to get out of the cab after he saw them "performing intercourse" in the back, according to a police report obtained by The Smoking Gun.

The driver called police when the couple, neither of whom had a wallet with them, was unable to pay. However, when police arrived, Vukovich told them they were near his home, and he would be able to get money there. The report states that he returned with his mother's credit card and paid the fare, after which the driver left. Police noted both Vukovich and Herringer smelled like alcohol, and that their clothing was "strewn throughout the taxi."

Herringer, who police believed needed medical treatment "due to ... incoherent statements, inability to walk without assistance, constant change in emotion, and pale appearance," was treated at the scene, then transported to the police department until a relative could pick her up.

On Facebook, Herringer is a member of a group called "Modern Day Romeos."



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