02/27/2014 01:38 pm ET Updated Feb 27, 2014

Why The Moments In 'Girls' That Pissed You Off Are Actually Brilliant


When "Girls" arrived on HBO in 2012, it looked like it would be the anti "Sex And The City" and finally paint a realistic picture of 20-something life in New York City.

But now that we're in the thick of Season 3, it's nearly impossible to relate to most of the characters. They're narcissistic and entitled. Who would want to call themselves a Marnie, Jessa, Soshanna or -- worst of all -- a Hannah?

Don't be fooled, though: Lena Dunham hardly thinks her characters are realistic portrayals of young women. She's in on the joke. The girls of "Girls" are dark parodies of millennials today, and a lot of those cringe-inducing, horrible moments are actually brilliant.

Here's the proof:

Hannah and Marnie's awkward phone call

Why you hated it: It's a depressing portrayal of friendship. Hannah and Marnie have been best friends since college, but they're flat-out lying to each other.

Why it's brilliant: This is a a heartbreakingly realistic conversation for two people to have when their friendship is falling apart. Hannah and Marnie call each other out of habit, but they'd rather lie than show any signs of vulnerability.

Marnie's horrific Kanye cover

Why you hated it: Because it was pathetic, and you cringed. The entire time.

Why it's brilliant: Marnie's performance was an exaggeration, but people go to great lengths when they love someone. Late night texts and rambling emails begging someone to take you back may be more "normal," but they're not any better.

Hannah's harsh friendship statement

Why you hated it: Because you love your friends. You love talking to them, listening and giving them advice. That's what friendship is about.

Why it's brilliant: We all get annoyed with our friends. Maybe you've never told your friend that if she complains about her boss one more time you'll lose it ... but you've definitely thought about it.

Shoshanna's harsh statement about accomplishment

Why you hated it: It's a mean and obnoxious thing to say.

Why it's brilliant: Shoshanna uttered the words of our worst nightmares. Everyone measures how many years it's been since college against how much they've accomplished and freaks out accordingly. The idea that someone would actually say this to their friends isn't just brilliant, it's hilarious.

Hannah's terrible networking moment

Why you hated it: Because Hannah used a funeral as a networking opportunity. (How low can she go?)

Why it's brilliant: If you had a book deal that fell through because your editor died, deep down you would want to do anything to save it ... even if it meant asking your dead editor's wife to put you in touch with someone.

Hannah's "I don't want to be here in ten years" moment

Why you hated it: Hannah's sense of entitlement is horrific. What rent-paying 20-something would have the audacity to say something like this to her boss on her second day?

Why it's brilliant: Hannah's speech is the darkest version of what most people would say if they had the courage ... and unlimited disposable income. Who hasn't been overcome by the fear that their day job is stopping them from doing what they were truly put on this earth to do?

Marnie's low social media moment

Why you hated it: Is the point of Instagram really proving something to the world? Isn't it just a fun app and a way to see what your friends are up to?

Why it's brilliant: That's exactly what Instagram is about.

Shoshanna's declaration of narcissism

Why you hated it: It's brutal honesty, and you would never sink low enough to say something like that to your friend.

Why it's brilliant: Those are the exact words "Girls" viewers have wanted to say to Hannah for three seasons. Bravo, Shosh.

"Girls" airs Sunday at 10 p.m. EST on HBO.