02/27/2014 04:38 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Amazing Craigslist Ad Seeks Roommate Who Looks Like Uncle Jesse Himself, John Stamos

ABC Photo Archives via Getty Images

He's great with kids, plays in a band and has probably the best head of hair we've ever laid eyes on, so who wouldn't want Uncle Jesse as a roommate?

We imagine these were the thoughts of two Chicago men who have taken to Craigslist in their quest for a roommate who looks like the "Full House" character played, of course, by John Stamos.

john stamos

The ad gets into specifics about what is required of anyone hopeful for the title of "our Jesse" in the household, including being of Greek descent, knowing how to play the guitar and drums, being obsessed with Elvis and having excellent hair. Use of the catchphrases "Talk to me" and "Have mercy!" is also very much appreciated.

Rent will apparently set you back just $500 a month for a room in the "5,200-square-foot" Roscoe Village apartment.

The ad doesn't immediately appear to be the most legitimate thing in the world -- KHITS 104.3 points out photos of the building and the provided address don't appear to match up -- and the mention of the new roommate needing "to take an active part in raising my child" makes the ad's tone veer from comical to a bit creepy.

The roommate seekers don't appear to have located the Chicago doppelganger of Mr. Katsopolis just yet. (They would have had some butter luck last September.) DNAinfo Chicago spoke over the phone with the ad's poster, who noted he's already received "a few hopeful responses," however.



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