02/27/2014 12:06 pm ET Updated Feb 28, 2014

Katy Perry Helps Deliver A Baby In Her Friend's Living Room

In case you doubted that Katy Perry is secretly Wonder Woman, she's mastered a new skill: delivering babies.

The "Roar" singer tweeted Wednesday night, Feb. 26, to let her followers know about a unique experience:

Though Perry hasn't given any further details about her impromptu midwifery, she didn't hesitate to liken the happenings to "a miracle."

The exceptional day likely came as a relief for the star who has found herself at the center of recent gossip and controversy. Perry has been accused of being "blasphemous" in her music video for "Dark Horse," in which she dresses in ancient Egyptian costume and zaps a man wearing a necklace with the Arabic word for "Allah." The accusations have come around the same time as rumors have spread about a breakup between Perry and boyfriend John Mayer.



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