02/27/2014 07:00 am ET

The Most Beautiful Way To Set A Table (VIDEO)

If you've ever made dinner for people, you've been faced with the task of setting a table. As long as you've got plates, silverware and cups done, your dinner guests will be just fine. Whether the fork is on the left, the right, or just somewhere in the middle of the table, folks can usually figure out how to eat. But there is a right way to set a table and most people aren't doing it.

We've come across many tutorials on how to properly set a table. Most of them bored us to sleep before we could learn where the dessert spoons go, but food blogger Dulce Delight has taken this dry topic, and well, made it delightful to learn. Watch the video above and finally learn how to properly set a table -- just whatever you do, don't let your dog eat off the plate. Please.

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