02/27/2014 06:37 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Girl Is Completely Oblivious To What's Going On Behind Her

Excuse me, Miss, but you might want to turn around. It seems that there is something kind of important going on behind you -- you know, like your own marriage proposal.

Credit: Ying Wang

When New Jersey man JP proposed to his girlfriend Jingy during a Jackson Hole, Wyo. snowboarding trip earlier this month, it's safe to say he took her by surprise. (See oblivious photo above.)

According to JP's friend Ying Wang (who also photographed the proposal), Jingy turned around a couple of times as her boyfriend and friends were secretly setting up for the big moment behind her.

"We thought she saw the shirts and ruined the surprise," he told The Huffington Post. "But thankfully she didn't really put everything together in her head and I kept distracting her by asking her to move into different positions in the snow. It wasn't until JP nudged her and she saw him with the ring that she finally understood that she was at her own proposal party."

JP and Jingy met on a snowboarding trip four years ago and have been together ever since. Check out more photos below, including one of the bride-to-be's adorable "aha" moment.




[h/t Reddit]

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