02/27/2014 08:45 am ET Updated Feb 27, 2014

15 Times We Didn't Hate White Chocolate (RECIPES)

How Sweet It Is

When it comes to white chocolate, there are a lot of haters. We recently asked our readers if they felt that white chocolate's bad reputation was deserved and the responses revealed just how little people respected this pale chocolate (-ish) product. Between scores of snickering that white chocolate is not real chocolate and the rest who complained about its cloyingly sweet quality, we began to feel bad for white chocolate.

We know that white chocolate isn't technically chocolate because the cocoa solids have been removed during production. We also admit that there are a lot of bad white chocolate bars in circulation, but there are also many companies that make white chocolate into something we take pleasure in eating. Also, there are white chocolate macadamia nut cookies which will forever make white chocolate okay in our book.

Plus, we found these 15 recipes that we're pretty sure will turn all you haters into fans. It's time to give white chocolate another chance.

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