02/28/2014 11:05 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Here's What Your Favorite 'Parks And Recreation' Characters Did Over The Break

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We are LITERALLY having trouble holding back our excitement that "Parks and Recreation" has returned.

The NBC show took a nearly month-long break, following Ann and Chris' move to Michigan; alas, life goes on, and so must the show.

We spent the break counting down the days until we could return to Pawnee and coming to terms with Ann and Chris' departure. Upon the show's February 28 return, we found that even without our favorite parents-to-be, the city of Pawnee has not crumbled to the ground and its residents lives have not been ruined. So we have to wonder ... what were our favorite government employees up to over the break?

Without further ado: A Theory

Chris Traeger and Ann Perkins
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Chris and Ann continued to be weird, beautiful and perfect. Within his new-found joy, Chris has all but forgotten about Dr. Richard Nygar, and has fastidiously baby-proofed his and Ann's new home. Ann video chatted with Leslie, ate bags of mashed potatoes and tried not to look at her ankles. But most of all, Ann and Chris officially started their lives together. Brb, weeping.

Leslie Knope
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In the wake of her BFF's departure, Leslie's had a hard time. But she's Leslie, so she obviously drowned her sorrows in special interest projects, scrapbooks, waffles and a good old fashioned cry or two.

Ben Wyatt
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His BFF has departed too, but he's on Team Leslie, being the perpetually perfect husband. He spent the majority of the break fetching Leslie waffles and attempting to cheer her up. You know, being amazing.

Ron Swanson
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Ron would never admit it, but we're willing to bet that he's pretty bummed Chris and Ann have left. Sure, he probably funneled any sadness into manly pursuits, like building a canoe or literally hunting for his dinner, but we like to think that he indulged a little, too.

Donna Meagle
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Donna understands and embraces the necessity of vacation and relaxation so there's no doubt that she been treating herself. It's one way to cope with change.

Tom Haverford
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Tom spent the past few weeks realizing that maybe, just maybe, he and Ann actually won't end up together. No matter. He's on the upswing and nothing can stop him. He's probably come up with ten new business ideas over the past few weeks. In fact, he's probably already secured investors for one or two of them.

Andy Dwyer
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Well, Andy just discovered his passion for playing children's music, so he's been working hard, plucking the strings, singing about boogers and writing soulful, kid-friendly tunes that rhyme topics like "fart" and "art."

April Ludgate
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"April Karate" says that she's never found Andy sexier than when he sang silly kids songs, so...

Jerry Gergich
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It's easy to blame Jerry for Chris and Ann's departure as well as the show's hiatus ... because he's Jerry, but that's okay. Jerry/Larry/Garry continues to live in his own little bubble of blissful happiness, which he views through his permanent rose colored glasses.

And now we're back. Maybe all of those things happened; maybe none of them did. The only thing that's clear is that although Chris and Ann have left, the days continue to roll by and somehow, the simplest of Pawneean days seems to be so much more amusing than our own everyday lives.



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