02/28/2014 08:51 am ET Updated Feb 28, 2014

Now's Your Chance To Fly With A Pelican (VIDEO)

Watching a pelican learn to fly on video would be magical enough, but imagine getting to experience the ride first-hand.

Apparently, that's exactly what a few folks at Greystoke Mahale in Tanzania had in mind when they attached a GoPro to this pelican's beak. The bird, nicknamed Big Bird, spent months trying to regain its ability to fly after washing up on the shores of the African Great Lake Tanganyika.

According to the video description, Big Bird had been abandoned by its flock before it "stumbled ashore after a storm" in Tanzania.

For more information about this incredible story, you can check out Absolute Travel's blogger Brooke Garnett, who followed the story up close and in person.

To fly with Big Bird yourself, watch the video above.